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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Please enjoy this video Student Council put together

to show their appreciation for all you do!

Congratulations to Sam Rayburn’s
2015 Hall of Honor Inductees:

Jack T. Bailey
Class of 1967
SRHS Distinguished Alumni         

Randall L. "Randy" Fluke

Class of 1977
Distinguished Alumni                                                           

      Jeff Ginn                          
Class of 1980
Distinguised Alumni

Marisell Quijano
Class of 1990
Distinguished Alumni

Ronald L. Sollock  
Class of 1966
SRHS Distinguished Alumni

Robert L. Baker
SRHS Distinguished Faculty

Raymond C. Witt

SRHS Distinguished Faculty

A ceremony will be at 5:00 PM on March 28th
in the SRHS Auditorium to honor these inductees.

Bricks Paver

Back by popular demand!

Sam Rayburn High School will be selling commemorative brick pavers to anyone interested. The cost is $55 for a 4x8 brick paver, and $90 for an 8x8 brick paver. Click here for more information!

arrowStudent Parking Formarrow

Click here to fill out and print your form for your parking permit!

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Photo of the Week

Oprah Winfrey laughs with poet Maya Angelou in Chicago, May 17, 2011.
REUTERS/John Gress

Mission Statement:

We will provide an optimum learning environment in which students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become self-directed, responsible citizens who are college and career ready. 


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"Be the change you want to see in the world."
- Ghandhi