Community Service

Community Service is one of our P.R.I.D.E values at Sam Rayburn High School. All students are encouraged to be a part of our community through service. Students can receive a service cord at graduation if they complete 175 community service hours.

Common Reasons Students Want to Volunteer : 

Students want to give back to their community. 
Students want to do something that gives them a sense of accomplishment. 
Students want to exhibit our TEXAN PRIDE value of integrity. 
Volunteering is great for mental health and wellness. 
Students can earn a cord at graduation if they volunteer at least 175 hours during their 9th thru 12th grade years. 
Students are eligible to be considered for the prestigious Vanguard Award if they volunteer 300 hours or more the entire time they are in high school (the top 5 Seniors with more than 300 community service hours go to Vanguard to be recognized for their service. 

How to Document Volunteer Hours :

Keep detailed logs - make sure you keep annual logs of the dates and times you volunteered. 

If you volunteer off campus, the organization should provide you with a log to document your hours of service. 

If the organization does not have their own logs, create your own. Make sure to have contact information of the person supervising your hours and they should initial the dates/times you volunteered. 

Volunteering with SRHS Club/Organization - make sure that the teacher sponsor enters your volunteer time within the same school year of the time the volunteer hours were completed. 

Return your volunteer logs to the Counseling Center within the same school year of the time that community service was completed. The Counseling Center staff will enter the hours into the system. 

Students may view their SRHS Volunteer Hours tally by clicking the link to the left of this page. Students must be logged into the PISD Google account to view this information. 

To learn more about current community service opportunities, please check the volunteer board or contact Ms. Alvarez or Ms. Watkins in the Counseling Center.