Student Transcript Requests

Current SRHS Students 
Non-graduates of SRHS and/or currently enrolled students at SRHS can
request their transcript records by completing the form below and
emailing or faxing it. Valid ID may be required to complete the request. 

Request for Student Records Form (non-graduate only).pdf

Adriana Garza, SRHS Registrar: 713-740-0330
Fax : 713-740-4157

Former SRHS Students
Pasadena Independent School District now offers a secure website for
former students, corporations, post-secondary institutions and military
recruiters to request records online. Per the Family Educational Rights and
Privacy Act (FERPA), if the student is 18 years of age or older, student
records will only be released to the student. In order for records to be
released to another individual, the student must provide written consent
and a copy of the student's state issued ID. 

Records by be requested at :