Sam Rayburn Texan Band Closes out Marching Season

Sam Rayburn Texan Band Closes out Marching Season
Posted on 01/16/2019
Rayburn Marching Band Performs


As the Sam Rayburn Texan Band closes out it’s marching season for this year, the band is preparing themselves for their next event- their winter concert.

However this years winter concert for the band is going to be different. Instead of having all 4 groups, Cadet, Concert, Symphonic, and Wind Ensemble, play a selection of songs for the concert, this year the entire marching band is going to play together and play a selection of well-known Christmas songs such as Frosty the Snowman, Jingle-Bell Rock, and more, memorized, with the exception of the Wind Ensemble playing their own selection of Christmas songs.
Since marching season has officially ended, the days of going outside and rehearsing for 2 hours straight everyday is over. But that doesn’t mean the days of rehearsing is over just yet. As the band is preparing for their winter concert, some of the band members who are in Wind Ensemble are required to come to rehearsals on Mondays at 6 p.m. and Wednesdays right after school, meanwhile the rest of the band only have rehearsals on Thursdays after school. This may seem a less intense unlike how marching season was for them, but each member of the band is required to practice each day at home, since they have to memorize 6 stand-tunes for the concert instead of looking at it while playing it. The days of watching them march out on the football field during halftime at the football games may be over, but the award-winning Mighty Texan Band still has a lot to do in order for them to maintain the success they earn during marching season.