Counseling FAQ

Counseling Center Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I get a copy of my transcript?

A: Requests for official records may be obtained by contacting the SRHS Registrar’s office (in the main office) and completing a request form. Please allow up to 48 hours for requests to be processed. 

Q: What is the class change policy? 

A: SRHS guidelines and procedures:   Schedule changes will be made on a limited basis considering extreme circumstances after a conference with the counselor and/or assistant principal. (Also available on p. 56 in the Parent/Student Handbook)

Q: How can I get my GPA/Rank?

A: GPAs are computed once per year for students in grades 9-11 (Fall) and twice per year for Seniors (Fall and Spring). Students needing to know their GPA/Rank at other times may request that information through the Counseling Center.  Seniors have their GPA/Rank on file in the Rayburn U room in their Senior Folder.

Q: How can I improve my GPA?

A: The GPA calculation information is available in the Student and Parent Handbook on pages 34-36.  GPAs can generally be improved by:  making higher grades, taking PAP, AP or Honors classes, & taking Dual Credit classes.  

Q: How can I get a copy of my report card? 

A: Report card reprints are done through the Registrar’s Office.

Q: How do I recover credit from a class I failed?

A: There are numerous ways to recover credit from a failed class. Credit can be recovered through Edgenuity (online credit recovery), Night School, Virtual School or Summer School. (A fee is required for Night School, Virtual School and Summer School). 

Q: How can I change my Endorsement/Pathway. When can I do that and how?

A: A conference with Counselor is required.  A change in pathway/endorsement does not guarantee a schedule change. 

Q: How can I earn college credit in High School?

A: The student may select AP classes during registration and/or Dual Credit courses. Information is available in Rayburn U (room 1145).

Q: How can I get my SAT/ACT scores?

A: Scores are available by using your student login to access your student account at for SAT/PSAT and to login and view SAT scores.  If you need assistance with score retrieval, you can visit Rayburn U. 

Q: What are the credit requirements for 10th Grade, 11th Grade, and 12th Grade? 

A: Requirements for graduation and promotion to the next grade level can be found in the Parent/Student Handbook on pages 39 & 40. Requirements can also be found here. 

Q: How many days have I missed

A: See the Attendance Office for information regarding absences or check your Skyward Student Access

Q: How can I complete Make-Up Time? 

A:  Make-up time may be earned by participating in academic activities under the direction of school personnel outside the regularly scheduled school day. Students are able to check the make up time they owe here. 

Q: How can I earn community service cords? 

A: To earn community service cords for graduation, students must complete a total of 175 hours during high school. More information can be found here. Students are able to verify the amount of volunteer/community service hours they have earned here. 

Q: How do I get in an athletic period like football, volleyball, etc.?

A: The best way to get into an athletic period is by talking to that team’s coach and/or attending tryouts once they are announced.

Q: How do I get ahead on my credits?

A: Students can get ahead on their credits by completing any of the following: Night School, Virtual School or Summer School, however a fee is required. Ask your Counselor about these great programs to help you.




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