Fall 2019 Schedule Changes

SRHS Counselors will distribute schedule change request forms only in lunches starting Tuesday, August 20  – Friday, August 23. Please follow the guidelines below.

Pasadena ISD 2019-2020 Parent/Student Handbook

Schedule Changes p. 56:

Middle, Intermediate, and High School Counselors meet with students each spring to help guide them in choosing courses based on their academic needs and career interests. Care in selecting courses is vital because these choices determine the number of teachers needed on each campus and the number of sections built for each course. Students and parents are urged to make thoughtful selections.

In order to maintain balance in classroom numbers and to minimize disruptions to the academic process, students are not able to change elective classes. Limited exceptions apply. Students should refer to their counseling departments for campus guidelines and procedures. A student requiring a schedule change must pick up a Schedule change Request Form in the counseling office. The deadline for all schedule changes is ten (10) days after the start of each semester. Change requests received after the deadline will not be considered.

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SRHS guidelines and procedures:

Schedule changes will be made on a limited basis considering extreme circumstances after a conference with the counselor and/or assistant principal.

Changes may include:

  1. Pathway changes:  when possible and not interfering with access to a pathway, a student will remain in the principles (pathway) course until semester.

  2. Courses with previously earned credit.

  3. Wrong gender class (Ex. Boy in girls’ PE).

  4. Missing required prerequisite.

  5. Missing graduation requirement (Senior).

  6. Requesting a more rigorous course. (Ex. Spanish II to Spanish II PAP).

  7. Course area previously failed (Ex.German 2 change to Spanish I).

  8. Students who were not enrolled during spring registration and/or transfer students. 

  9. AP changes: All students must conference with Mrs. Rearick, Assistant Principal of Advanced Academics, before an AP/PAP class drop can be approved.

2019-2020 Schedule Change request deadline:  Friday, August 23rd