Student and Parent Volunteer Programs

Sam Rayburn VOLUNTEERING Opportunities
For Parents, Students, & Faculty/Staff: 

We encourage our students to actively be involved in volunteering activities.  Not only is it advantageous for college and job applications showing the student as well –rounded, and not just focused on themselves, it has great rewards for the student’s well-being and self esteem.  Helping others makes a difference in their lives as well as the recipients.  Thank you for choosing to volunteer. We have two areas of volunteering interest for students and a new category for parent/community volunteers.

Please check out this website often as new opportunities for volunteering are posted frequently.  To earn a volunteer cord for graduation it is a minimum of 175 hours.  Hours must be recorded in Tracker system at school.    

To earn a volunteer cord for graduation, you must have a minimum of 175 hours. 

Volunteer hours do not count for make up hours.


CARE TO SHARE Ongoing New volunteering opportunity for our students/faculty/community. We have many students with needs on our own campus.  Here is a list of items that are needed: deodorant, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, feminine products, new socks and underwear. We also collect the following food items:  boxed meal items, chili, soup, Spaghettios, canned meats, macaroni and cheese, rice, and other non-perishable items.


These items will be housed at Sam Rayburn and will be given out to students in need.


Other places to consider volunteering
Salvation Army on Cherrybrook and Preston
Animal Shelter on Burke
Nursing homes
Houston Food Bank
City library
Contact a Pasadena ISD elementary/middle school to assist with tutoring, cutting out items, etc.

Check with the front office for an updated list of volunteer opportunities.

See Mrs. Creel in main office for volunteer hour values.

Operation Cooperation - Hospitals, nursing homes, Boys and Girls Harbour.

All count as 1 hour of community service.

Textile Drive -  Any type of textile material is accepted, no matter the condition.

One small grocery bag counts as 3 hours, one large grocery bag counts as 6 hours, and an extra large bag of textiles counts as 9 hours.
Food Drive -  Donations to Pasadena Community Food Bank serving Pasadena residents. All food items are accepted.

Five points for peanut butter
Four points for Macaroni & Cheese Meals
Four points for canned meats
Three points for beans and rice
Three points for soups and crackers
One point for canned fruits and vegetables
One point for Ramen Noodles
Ten points for 1 hour of volunteering on location.


Card Drive - Can be store bought or handmade for all occasions including: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Thinking of you. We give to various organizations, nursing homes, etc.  No computer generated cards. 


Stuffed animals - these items must be new -- puzzles, stuffed animals, games, coloring books/crayons, books for children. These will be donated to the Shriners Hospital.

Hours for stuffed animals:
Small = 1 hour
Medium = 5 hours
Large = 10 hours  
All other items will count as 1 hour.


Book drive -  Any new or gently used children's books.  

Each book counts as 1 hour


Museum of Cultural Arts of Houston has many volunteer opportunities.  Check out the Art Angels Volunteer Network website

On website.

Shell Federal CU Volunteer Opportunities


Salvation Army website - More than 3,400,000 individuals of all ages volunteered their time, talents and resources to assist the Salvation Army's work.  Our volunteers are critical partners in helping us fulfill our promise to America of "Doing the Most Good."  Many of our Salvation Army units across the country list their volunteer opportunities through Volulnteer Match. To get involved, please visit the Volunteer Match website by visiting keyword "Salvation Army". Of course, there may be other opportunities you might want to check out on this website. 


City of Pasadena 

Why Volunteer?
Volunteering benefits both the individual and the city. As a City volunteer, you will experience numerous benefits.  Here are some reasons to start volunteering today:

  • Show pride as you give back to your community.

  • New and gratifying ways to fill free time.

  • Contribute your knowledge, skills, interest and enthusiasm.

  • Set a positive example and encourage others to do the same.

  • Meet new and interesting people.

  • Earn school credit.

  • Involvement after retirement.

  • Learn more about city government and your community.

  • Experience how good it feels to help someone.

  • Gain valuable experience.

  • Letters of recommendation.

  • Have fun! 

Any amount of time you give can help make a difference.


Do I have to only volunteer at events listed on website?

No. Anywhere you volunteer is important.

Bring documentation from each event on an official letterhead. Be sure to include the following information: your name, ID, number of hours volunteered, date(s) of event(s), and phone number.  If you need a form, see Mrs. Creel in the front office.


How are hours logged?

Any faculty/staff at Sam Rayburn can enter volunteer hours in the Tracker System with proper documentation.  You can also contact Mrs. Creel in the main office.


How can I get a printout of my volunteer hours?

Any faculty/staff can print a report through the Tracker System. You can also contact Mrs. Creel in the main office.


Can I earn a cord for graduation for volunteering?

Yes. A purple cord is given to those seniors that have a minimum of 175 hours volunteering.


In the past, we have earned a shirt for volunteering for a minimum of 6 hours?

Is that still available?  
No. That is currently not available. 



Attention Parents:
Sam Rayburn has volunteer opportunities for you!

The Pasadena ISD School District is launching a new program for parents and community to volunteer at schools. The program is called “Give me 5” where parents would commit to 5 hours of volunteering throughout the school year.

If interested, these are the steps you need to take:

1) Complete volunteer application.

Once information has been cleared, you can begin volunteering.

Volunteer Guidelines, Application and FAQs are located on the Pasadena ISD website under the "Community" tab.

2. Once approved, sign in/out in main office each time you volunteer.